Secret Societies

Secret Societies

You have likely heard of some of these secret society groups.
They are often shrouded in mystery and assumed or known to be involved
in suspicious activities (rightfully so).
Here is a short list of some of the more well known groups.

Bilderberg Group
Skull and Bones Society
Bohemian Club

Most people give too much credit to these groups. They are real groups,
but we should not think them to be more powerful or influential than they really are. They are more like fronts,
like scape-goats. They are a distraction from the bigger picture.
They are designed to take your eyes off the true perpetrators, off of those truly running the show.

The same goes for governments and the puppets at the center stage of politics, such as presidents and senate members.
They are just that, the puppets of those running the show from behind the scenes.

To understand what is really going on you need to understand a little bit of Bible prophecy concerning these end times.

In the book of Revelation, we are told that a beast would rise up in the latter times
that would have dominion over the entire world and all of its riches.
Beasts are used to represent kingdoms. This beast is the physical and spiritual dominion that
we live in now at the end of the age right before the Lord returns (but not before the Antichrist is revealed).
That's what the mark of the beast is. A mark associating yourself with this beast,
this worldwide spiritual dominion of Satan and sin.
That's what the mark of the beast is, giving your allegiance to Satan and this worldwide kingdom.

Satan is the one running the show. Satan and other fallen angels/demons rule the earth for now.
Multitudes have taken the mark in these end times. I estimate over %90 of the worlds population
to have taken the mark. Temporary pleasure & well being for eternal torment.

My point with all this is that these secret groups, that these people in power, they are all
slaves to Satan and his kingdom. Some work at McDonald's, some manage apartments, some become
politicians & presidents, but they are all under the power of Satan and the fallen angels.
They are required to push the agendas that promote Satan's plans.
Look at the bigger picture.